Eai galera beleza? Hoje eu trouxe um vídeo diferenciado pro canal. Que não seja de clash Royale. Agora eu vou tentar dar uma mudada no conteúdo do canal beleza galera.
OBS: você pode perder sua conta normal no processo salve ela de alguma forma antes de colocar o save
—–( NOVO METODO DO APK)—-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyqT5…

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A simple but fast way to make money in SimCity BuildIt without using any hacks or cheats.
It can be hard and time consuming to make money in Sim City buildit on android or iOS. The items that take longest to make in your factory will sell for the highest price but when you work out the simoleons per minute of build time, you quickly realise that metal produces the higher value.
Market demand cannot keep up with the speed you can create metal so the next best choice is wood. It takes 3 minutes to build and earns you 20, that works out to 6.6 simoleons per minute. You bulk build the wood and sell it in your trade depot.
Rather than wasting the 3 minutes it takes to build the wood, you visit other cities and pickup freebies, which you’ll sell later.
A tedious and grinding method but it can produce cash in simcity very quickly.
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Video Rating: 9/10!